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Rachel Drapper, 2012



Current job

Strategy Consultant


An exhibition on the Book of the Dead at the British Museum prompted me to realise that I wanted to understand Ancient Egyptian civilization in much greater depth. What attracted me most to the Egyptology degree at Oxford was its incredibly broad scope and multi-disciplinary nature. The course interweaves the study of history and culture with that of language, making the work incredibly varied; I learnt four phases of the ancient Egyptian language including the hieroglyphic script; I wrote essays, made presentations and spent time studying museum collections. Queen’s was an obvious choice for me because of the associated Egyptology fellowship, the incredible Peet library, and the welcoming atmosphere that I was met with at the open day. I threw myself into a number of societies whilst at Oxford including Ball Committees and the Student Consultancy but my main hobby was playing Blues rugby.

College Experience

I had a somewhat atypical college experience as all of my classes were held externally in the faculty, although my tutor and dissertation supervisor, Professor Richard Parkinson, is a Fellow at Queen’s. I feel extremely privileged to have received the quality of teaching that I did at Oxford: I had access to the unparalleled resources of the College and University libraries, the Griffith Institute and the Ashmolean, and daily contact with some of the best academics in the field. I was also very fortunate to receive some funding from College enabling me to visit Egypt before sitting my finals. 

Life after Queen's

I never anticipated that I would remain in the field of Egyptology, and during my three years at Oxford my career aspirations changed from law to consulting. I am thrilled to have started work as a strategy consultant at Strategy& in February 2016 and prior to that I enjoyed travelling in the States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The department could not have been more supportive of me pursuing a career in business and I am very grateful to them for their whole-hearted investment in me and all their encouragement.