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Reading Group on Contemporary Italian Poetry
New reading group on contemporary Italian poetry
This College-funded reading group was established in 2020 to focus on contemporary Italian poetry with the aim of discussing how tradition and its (mis-)management plays a fundamental role in the work of contemporary Italian poets. Do they imitate canonised authors or, acting as iconoclasts, do they oppose the literary canon? Contemporary poets are always in dialogue with different traditions: the classical and the modern, as well as the national and the transnational.

Everyone is welcome to attend the reading group. Poems are read in Italian with an English translation available for non-Italian speakers. If you would like to propose an author for an event, please contact Adele Bardazzi at

Online Reading Group for Trinity Term 2020

Since we are moving activities online this term, we decided to take this as an opportunity to involve scholars and poets who would not otherwise be able to contribute to the reading group. This term's theme is 'On the Edge of Traditions'. 

Week 2, Wednesday 6 May - Dr Roberta Berardi (Christ Church, Oxford)

Week 3, Wednesday 13 May - Dr Maria Borio

Week 5, Wednesday 27 May - Prof. Gian Maria Annovi (University of Southern California)

Week 7, Wednesday 10 June - Olmo Calzolari (Keble College, Oxford)

All sessions will be online via Zoom and start at 5:30pm. The link to access the meeting will be shared 15 minutes before the start of the session. Please email us if you would like to attend.

More information about forthcoming events can be found on the Reading Group's Facebook page


Dr Adele Bardazzi (The Queen's College)

Roberto Binetti (St Anne's College)

Olmo Calzolari (Keble College)

Previous Events

During Hilary Term 2020 events included ‘Seeing Rhymes’ with Professor Nicola Gardini, introduced by Dr Marta Arnaldi, which was a discussion of the relationship between rhyme and vision. Professor Gardini presented his latest collections of poetry (Il tempo è mezza mezza, 2018, and Istruzioni per dipingere, 2018) to help explore this theme, and dealt with issues such as attention, image-making, and painting as writing (and vice versa). Other events included Roberto Binetti on ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Patrizia Cavalli’s Poetry’ and Alberto Corrado on ‘Fossil Classicism: Reinterpreting Giacomo Zanella’s Poetry’.