Using the form below, please attach your students’ submissions to this year’s Anthea Bell Prize for Young Translators. The deadline for sending us your entries is Monday 3rd April 2023.

Please read the following instructions carefully before filling out the form.

How many entries can my school submit?

We ask that you send us the top 5 entries for each level in each language from your school. This means there is a limit of 20 entries per language (5 entries per level). Your school can send entries for as many levels in as many languages as you wish.

How do I select the best entries?

If running the competition with whole classes or year groups, you will need to select the top five entries for each level. The best translations will strike a balance between creativity and accuracy.  

Who should submit entries from my school?

We ask that one teacher submits all entries for one language in one batch (one submission of the online form). On the form, you have the option of naming several teachers to be contacted with the outcome of the competition.

Please note that if your school is sending us entries for different languages, you will need to submit a new online form for each language.

How to prepare and save files

Please ensure that the entries are saved with the school name as the document title plus a number by which you can identify which entry belongs to which student. We ask that entries are anonymous but that the student writes their year group somewhere on the submission. Files can be Word Documents, PDFs or images (jpeg, png). 

Submission form

To submit entries, please complete this form and upload all entries for the language for which you are submitting. If sending us entries for more than one language, you will need to submit a new form for each language.

Anthea Bell Submission
School address
School address
Country (please note that only international schools involved in our BSO pilot scheme can enter the competition in 2023; we plan to open the competition out to all international schools next year.)
Geographical area of school
If you are unsure which area your school is in, please use the table on this blog post as a guide.
If your school is planning to enter for multiple languages, please complete a new form for each language and upload entries for one language only per form.
If you are submitting multiple forms for entries in different languages, please give the number of students who participated for each language on each form, rather than the total number across all languages.

Teacher details

We will contact the teachers listed below with the outcome of the competition.
Teacher name
Teacher name
Maximum upload size: 314.57MB
Please upload entries for one language only per form. If you are entering for more than one language, please complete a separate form for each language.