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Front Quad, The Queen's College
Each year the Translation Exchange supports a residency in Oxford for a translator, or for a writer/poet and their translator. The residency is an opportunity for the visitors to work and collaborate, but also to deliver masterclasses, workshops and talks, interacting with students and the public.

We are delighted to announce that the translator and writer taking up the 2021 QTE Korean residency will be Anton Hur and Bora Chung. The residency will be entirely virtual, and will provide time for the translator and writer to work together on new translations, as well as to co-deliver virtual events. Anton will also be collaborating with QTE to produce a translation resource for schools. The residency will take place from 24 May to 3 June, and is kindly supported by the Literature Translation Institute of Korea.

Monday 24 May  -  Public translation workshop Part 1: Discussion of translation and introduction to the workshop   

Time:        12.30pm – 2:00pm

Details:      Anton Hur will discuss "what makes literary translation different from other translation?" and present a short translation assignment for the second workshop on June 2.

Audience:   All welcome, Register here


Thursday 27 May  -  A Public Reading of the Work of Bora Chung in Translation  

Time:        12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Details:    Bora Chung and Anton Hur will read from CURSED BUNNY, both in Korean and English, and possibly other works in other languages. The readings will be followed by a Q&A.   

Audience:     All welcome, Zoom link here


Monday 31 May  -  A Conversation Between Author and Translator: Anton and Bora

A chance to hear how a translator and author work together: a pre-recorded conversation between Bora Chung and Anton Hur about her work and the translation process they undertake together. In particular, they will discuss translating her short story 'Octopus'.

This conversation will be released on 31 May - link to follow.


Monday 31 May - Talk convened by OCCT: The Curse of Knowledge: The Translator as Perpetual Student

Time:          1:00pm – 2:00 pm

Details:      Anton will discuss the problems generally faced by translators and the challenges posing the field of literary translation as  whole.

Audience:    All welcome. Please see the OCCT website for details.



Wednesday 2 June  -  Public translation workshop Part 2

No knowledge of Korean required! Open to all.

Time:        12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Details:     Anton will lead a translation workshop based on Bora's work, in which they will read and comment on translations submitted after the May 24 event (workshop part 1). This will be a detailed, hands-on session. Questions will be taken throughout the workshop. 

Audience:     All welcome, register here


Thursday 3 June  -  Masterclass in Korean Literature Translation

Time:        12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Details:      Students will be invited to take part in a special masterclass on Korean literary translation with Anton Hur.  Anton will read translation manuscripts and comment on ways of improving the work and the student's practice.

 Audience:     For students of Korean at Oxford University, by invitation


Anton Hur was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the English translator of several Korean authors including Kyung-Sook Shin, Bora Chung, Sang Young Park, and Jeon Sam-hye, as well as the Korean translator of Ocean Vuong’s Night Sky with Exit Wounds. Anton was educated at the Korea University College of Law and Seoul National University Graduate School and has taught at the Ewha University Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation and Yonsei University. He divides his time between Seoul and Songdo, Korea.

Bora Chung is a writer of strange and unrealistic stories. She has an M.A. in Russian and East European area studies from Yale University and a Ph.D. in Slavic literatures from Indiana University, with specializations in modern Russian, Polish, and utopian literatures. Chung currently teaches Russian language and literature and science fiction studies at Yonsei University in South Korea and translates modern literary works from Russian and Polish into Korean. She has published three novels and three books of collected short stories. She made her English-language debut with the short story “The Head” published in Samovar/Strange Horizons and her first English book, titled Cursed Bunny, is forthcoming in the UK from Honford Star in July 2021.



2020 Residency

We were delighted to welcome Russian poet Galina Rymbu and translator Helena Kernan to Queen’s from 24 February to 15 March 2020, in association with Pushkin House. You can read Helena's blog about the residency here.



Helena and Galina took part in the following events:

Thursday 5th March (W7): Translation Workshop with Helena Kernan and Galina Rymbu 

The Memorial Room, The Queen’s College, 6.45pm - 8.15pm


Tuesday 10th March (W8): Reading with Galina Rymbu and Helena Kernan 

Hall, Taylorian Institution (St Giles), 5.15-6.45pm


Thursday 12th March (W8): Russian sub-faculty event with Galina Rymbu and Helena Kernan 

47 Wellington Square, Ground Floor Lecture Room 2, 5pm - 6.30pm


Galina Rymbu is a poet, critic, translator, journalist, curator, philosopher and feminist. Born in Omsk, Russia in 1990, she now lives in Lviv, Ukraine. She graduated from the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow and also studied at the European University in St Petersburg. She edits an online journal dedicated to feminist literary theory, F-Pismo. Her poems have been translated into English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Ukrainian, Spanish, Latvian, Romanian, Swedish and Polish. She has been published in journals including The New literary Review (Russia) Воздух (Russia), Translit (Russia), N+1, Arc Poetry, The White Review, Berlin Quarterly, Music&Literature, Punctum, Helikopter, Círculode poesía, Asymptote and Powder Keg. Her poetry collections include ‘Передвижное пространство переворота’ (Арго-риск, 2014), WhiteBread (NY, After Hours LTD, 2016), ‘Времяземли’ (Харьков,изд-воkntxt, 2018), ‘Жизньвпространстве’ (Москва,изд-во«Новоелитературноеобозрение», 2018), Kosmiskais prospekts (Латвия, Ozolnieki: Literature Without Borders, 2018), Tijd van de aarde (Амстердам, UitgeverijPerdu, 2019). Rymbu also translates poetry from Ukrainian into Russian.

Helena Kernan graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2016 with a BA in Russian and French. Since then, she has lived in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kyiv, where she has worked with a documentary theatre collective, the Ukrainian Centre for Civil Liberties and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Helena translates contemporary poetry from Russian into English and is the English-language editor of the online historical memory platform Imprisoned Youth. Her translation of ‘Only You, Chechnya’ by Elena Kostyleva was published in the journal Modern Poetry in Translation in 2017. She is currently a graduate student in Slavic Languages and Literatures at UC Berkeley, where she is working on contemporary poetry, post-socialist memory and performance art in the Russian-speaking world.




2019: Galician with Erín Moure and Chus Pato

The 2019 residents were the Canadian poet and translator Erín Moure and the Galician poet Chus Pato. Pato is one of the major Galician poets writing today, and Moure has translated several volumes of her poetry into English, including At the Limit (2018).

Following the residency, the two poets worked with Modern Poetry in Translation magazine to launch an online translation workshop:

The itinerary for the residency included the following events:

Monday 4 November, 12.45 – 2 pmOCCT lunchtime Discussion Group with Erín Moure in Seminar Room 10, St Anne's College. By invitation through the OCCT Discussion Group.

Thursday 7 November: Advanced translation masterclass with Erín Moure at Queen's College, welcoming undergraduate students of Advanced Translation. 

Monday 11 November, 5.15 – 6.45 pm: Multilingual translation workshop with Erín Moure in the Memorial Room at Queen's College, in conjunction with Poets Translating Poets. 

Thursday 14 November, 5.15 - 6.45 pm: Joint event with Erín Moure and Chus Pato, focusing on their collaborative work, in the Shulman Auditorium at Queen's College. 

Chus Pato
Erin Moure
Galina Rymbu
Helena Kernan
Galina Rymbu
Galina Rymbu