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Schools Translation Prize
The Translation Exchange is launching a brand new competition for schools in September 2020. The competition aims to promote language learning across the UK and to inspire creativity in the classroom. By providing teachers with the tools they need to bring translation to life, we hope to motivate more pupils to study modern foreign languages to GCSE, A Level and beyond.

Mini Competition - Summer 2020

This summer we are running a mini translation competition for learners of French and German in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13. Winners will receive books and certificates.

Please click below to download the competition worksheets and the instructions for teachers. Students may complete one or more worksheets of their choosing, and teachers should email all completed worksheets to deadline is Friday 31 July.


QTE_Instructions for Teachers.docx


QTE_French worksheet_Albert Camus.docx


QTE_German worksheet_Fiction_Technology.docx

QTE_German worksheet_Non-fiction_Climate change.docx

QTE_German worksheet_Non-fiction_Cruises.docx

QTE_German worksheet_Non-fiction_Roald Dahl.docx

Main Competition - Launching Autumn 2020

In its first year, the competition will focus on French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. Entrants will translate a passage from one of those languages into English, and will also have the opportunity to submit more 'imaginative' translations – a passage from a novel might be reimagined as a short film or comic strip, for example. 

Bringing more international culture into the classroom is a central aim of the prize, and so all passages – fiction and non-fiction – will be rich in cultural content, and creativity in the translation will be rewarded. 

Information for Teachers

Registration for the prize will open in autumn term 2020. Entry will be free for state schools, but we expect to request a small donation from participating independent schools.

All participating teachers will receive a teaching pack with videos, worksheets and presentations featuring students of Modern Languages at Oxford University. The first pack will provide teaching material for European Day of Languages and International Translation Day, both of which fall at the end of September.

The competition is generously supported by The Queen's College,  St Hugh's College and the Independent Schools' Modern Languages Association. Prizes have been kindly donated by Penguin Classics.

This competition is inspired by the 'Juvenes Translatores' competition run by the European Commission, for which UK students are no longer eligible. We are grateful for the advice & support of our colleagues at the former European Commission Representation in the UK, which closed in December 2019.