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Self-isolation Support - Provisions

Below are some recommendations of how and where to acquire food and other items you may need while in self-isolation. We do not require you to use the College Kitchens. We also understand that you may have other sources for your provisions and we encourage you to make arrangements that suit you.

Online Deliveries

You may wish to order online from a supermarket (e.g. Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, etc.). If you are in a residence away from main College you should ask a friend who is not in self-isolation to assist in collecting the delivery (from the main door of your accommodation) and moving it to your room door. If you are in main College, the porters may be able to help but please ask first to discuss the arrangements. Again, it would be helpful if you have a friend who can assist in carrying the delivery to your door.

Honey's Newsagent

The local newsagent (Honey’s on the High Street) might be a good option for students wishing for a mixture of ready meals and other provisions. They also offer homemade cakes!

Honey’s is run by Kinnari and Hiten Patel, who are friendly and very willing to deliver food items, ready meals to go, and other necessities from their shop, directly to College accommodation, especially for Queen’s students. You can contact them by phone or see their social media where they are regularly posting updates.

  • Kinnari Patel - 07968 542 702 or Hiten Patel - 07891 77 80 81
  • Honey's shop phone number - 01865 721767
  • @honeysofthehigh or @kinnaris_cakery

Payment: You will make payment for these orders directly with the shop. They can take cash or they can open a tab which you pay monthly on invoice. The prices for ready (microwavable) meals range from £1.99 to £2.99.

College Food

College meals are available for students from Friday 8 January (pay for breakfast with your University card and please remember to book online in advance for lunch and dinner). Provisional timings for meals this term are available here. Delivery of meals to the Cardo Building is available from Monday 11 January onwards - please see the meal booking system for more details and remember to order in advance. Please note that these arrangements may be subject to change.

Payment for any food orders: You will be invoiced for any College food and this will appear on your batells account.

Marie Bracey, Domestic Bursar
Updated 7 January 2021