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Transposition and Monumentality of Writing
Egyptian stone writing
Ioannou Centre, University of Oxford: 25-26 July 2019

In pre-modern cultures, texts are often transferred from manuscript formats onto artefacts and architectural elements. Inscription on a more permanent medium, typically stone or metal, occurs in a variety of settings: from public displays to restricted or inaccessible locations, such as sacred spaces and tombs. A text is thus recontextualized through adaptations and reconfigurations of content, format, language, script, and use. The resulting artefacts preserve vestiges of practices of scribes and other actors involved in the transposition and monumentalization of writing. These traces make it possible to glimpse underlying manuscript tradition and the changing application of texts in the different contexts.

The aim of this workshop is to enrich understanding of both manuscript and epigraphic practices in their complex interrelationships. The participants will contribute their expertise on distinctively different traditions in order to explore the phenomenon across a range of cultures.