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The Tutorial System
Ensuring key teaching posts are retained by the College is one of Queen’s ongoing priorities and has been generously supported by Old Members over the years.

A number of Fellowships have already been endowed, including both of those in Chemistry, as well as Fellowships in Medicine and Physics. We are hugely grateful to all those who have enabled the College to commit to these subjects in perpetuity.

The Chemistry Appeal was supported by 107 Old Members and reflected an incredible effort by the Queen’s Chemistry community over a number of years.  Significantly, over £1.1 million was raised through regular gifts: never think a regular gift won’t make a difference!  We owe huge gratitude to all those who have given, and particularly those who helped us drive the campaign forward. 

We hope you will help us to preserve this system for generations of Queen’s students to come in other subject areas. To make a gift to help endow Fellowships in Classics, French or History, or to discuss ways in which you might support the tutorial system, please contact