Dawn has been Catering Manager at Queen’s since 2005 and will retire in December.

What did you enjoy the most while working here?

I love all the traditions, but my favourite thing is to be part of the students’ lives and make their College experience extra special. It’s like having a lot of extra children! I have always taken 8th week off so I am not here when they leave. It would feel like all of them leaving home at once, and I couldn’t stand it!

Do you have a special memory?

Oh, there are too many! It is very special to do weddings for Old Members, especially if they both went to Queen’s and met here. I love seeing their successes as they go on in their lives and careers, and to meet their children at Garden Parties.

What is your favourite place in College?

The Hall! It really is the heart of the College. You can stand in there and think about all the things that have happened in this room for the last 600 years, and that will continue to happen; from wild parties to student dinners and of course the Boar’s Head Gaudies.

What are you up to next?

I am looking forward to enjoying my retirement! I am planning to go on lots of amazing holidays and will work very part-time for an event company.

Photo: John Pheasant

My favourite place is the Hall. It’s the heart of the College.