Although Queen’s is not open to the general public, Old Members of the College and their accompanied guests are welcome to visit.  If you can, do contact the Old Members Office or the Lodge in advance of your visit, so we can make sure the areas of the College you wish to see are accessible.  The Old Members Office can also make special arrangements for the families of deceased Old Members to visit.

Membership of Queen’s is lifelong

Emerging onto Front Quad as a Fresher, you become a member of Queen’s for life.

On graduation, your path into the world of work or further study may take you away from College, but you carry your connection to Queen’s with you, to all corners of the world.  

Alumni of Queen’s are known as Old Members

Whether you graduated recently or decades ago, we encourage our Old Members to continue engaging with the vibrant life of the College and its networks. Read our news and tell us yours. Visit College when you are in Oxford or attend an event. Learn the various ways you can support Queen’s and its students now or in the future.  Continue to be a part of the College community.