Working Towards Net Zero

The greatest long-term contribution of the College to reducing carbon will be through supporting its world-class researchers and providing excellent education to the students who will shape the future.

Many of our researchers are tackling the global issues of climate change and sustainability in efforts to be part of the solution. For example, we have been home to people working on prolonging the life of rechargeable batteries; improving the efficiency of rice crops to meet the food demands of a growing population; and increasing the survival chances of declining species.

We are also deeply committed to making local changes within the College community. For example, we have a Carbon Committee to work on a carbon policy and a series of carbon commitments. We have also worked to receive Fairtrade accreditation, established a working group on food to support environmental sustainability, and included sustainable considerations in our ‘masterplan’, which assesses the use of the College’s buildings over the next few years.