Old Members play a vital part in supporting Queen’s present and future generations. Never has your generosity been so important as we continue providing a world-class education and supporting world-leading research. We are grateful to every Old Member and Friend of Queen’s who support the College. 

Our Fundraising Priorities: Access All Areas

Access All Areas was launched in 2016, to shift away from the built environment and to focus specifically on those who make Queen’s the dynamic and life-changing place it is: its students and academics. Phase One of Access All Areas raised north of £23million in new funds raised – thank you to all those who supported the College in this way.

After the successful completion of the New Library Campaign, Access All Areas has sought to highlight where the support of Old Members and Friends can make a real and tangible difference within the areas of Access and Outreach, Student Support and Academic Excellence.

The Queen’s College and The Access Project Partnership 

Queen’s was founded to enable bright young students from modest backgrounds to experience a first class education and subsequent benefactions reinforced that ethos.

The College is working with The Access Project to deliver a bold new outreach initiative to enhance its Access and Outreach work. This partnership will bring a strategic, evidenced-based, and sustained solution to widening access and participation in Higher Education. Initially for three years, the programme of work will take place with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the North West working with four schools, two in Cumbria (Workington Academy and Whitehaven Academy) and two in Darwen (Darwen Aldridge Community Academy and Darwen Vale High School), with the in-person element starting in September 2022.

Take a look at the launch video to hear from some of those who will be involved in the project.

Thanks to the generosity of Old Members, support to cover the first three years of the project has been raised around £387,000 in cash and pledges.

We are seeking further support to close the final funding gap to reach £444,000 needed to cover these first three years, as well as securing support for the future beyond these three years.

Volunteering with The Access Project Partnership

Old Members can also support the partnership by Volunteering as a tutor.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer, please take a look at the presentation TAP showed on the evening, which is available on our School’s Outreach pages. You can also watch a recording of the online Volunteering event on our Youtube channel.

If you are ready to apply to become a volunteer for our schools in the northwest, please visit The Access Project’s website for further details.

If you have any additional questions before signing up please feel free to contact the TAP team.

Access and Outreach: core work by our  Schools Liaison and Outreach Officer 

Today we continue our commitment to identifying, encouraging applications from and offering places to prospective students solely on the basis of their academic excellence and potential to benefit from the opportunities provided by the College. We recognise that some groups of students will require different types of support and that teachers, advisors and parents play an important part in encouraging and supporting students to apply to Oxford.

Take a look at the Schools Outreach section of this website and you will see the great work being done by School’s Liaison and Outreach Officer and the team of current students. In 2018, we spent almost £100,000 on Outreach activities, engaging approx. 1,850 prospective applicants.

Help us protect the College’s capacity to seek out and inspire those who most benefit from an Oxford education: help endow the School’s Liaison Officer post and meet the costs involved in connecting with link schools in the North West and South London.

A gift of £50 per month could cover the transport, accommodation and living costs of one sixth former on our four day Spring Schools’ Residential.

It costs over £11,000 to fund a science ‘taster’ week for 25 pupils, during which time they live at Queen’s and experience tutorials and working in both labs and libraries.

Help build our Graduate Scholarship fund to attract the brightest and best to come to Queen’s

We compete internationally for the best graduate students and cultivate the research [link to relevant research/grad pages] of top academics.

We currently offer a range of scholarships. In 2021/22, we spent over £247,893 for new elections and £242,618 for re-elections for those on College graduate scholarships.

In 2021/22, 28% of our graduate students received direct financial support from College (this includes partial and matched fully funded scholarships), but more can always be done to support our graduate students.

One of the priority Graduate Scholarships we are keen to endow is The Honoré Scholarship in Law, for a student on the BCL or MJur course.

Please do get in touch with as at development@queens.ox.ac.uk if you’d like to find out more about making a gift to Graduate Student Support.

Ensuring key teaching posts are retained by the College is one of Queen’s ongoing priorities and this has been generously supported by Old Members over the years.

A number of Fellowships have already been endowed, including both of those in Chemistry, as well as Fellowships in Medicine, Physics and more recently The Roger Pearson Fellowship in French and the Brittenden Fellowship in History. We are hugely grateful to all those who have enabled the College to commit to these subjects in perpetuity.

The current Fellowship fundraising priorities, as agreed by Governing Body are:

The John Prestwich Fellowship in History

John Prestwich Fellowship in History has now passed £2.2M of the £3M amount required for full endowment. We are grateful for all those who have supported this important post to date. We are now seeking to close the final funding gap to safeguard this position in perpetuity. This would mean that both of the Tutorial History Fellowships at Queen’s would be fully endowed following the endowment of the Brittenden Fellowship in History in 2020, thanks to the generosity of Old Member Frederick H. Brittenden (1946, Modern History). To make a donation, please visit our giving page, or alternatively, to find out more or to discuss your giving, please contact development@queens.ox.ac.uk.

The Peter Neumann Fellowship in Mathematics

The Queen’s College has a long teaching tradition in Mathematics. There are two-full time Mathematics Fellows, neither of which are endowed.

In December 2020, the College was saddened to learn of the death of Dr Peter Neumann OBE, Old Member (Maths, 1959) and Emeritus Fellow of The Queen’s College.   In celebration of the life and work of Dr Neumann and his contribution to College, Queen’s now seeks to raise support and funds to endow the Mathematic Fellowship.

The cost to endow this post at Queen’s is £2 million, with over £500,000 raised in cash and pledges to date. Following the formal launch of this fund at the Subject dinner for Mathematicians (June, 2022), we hope that that many more Maths Old Members, and those who knew Peter in one of his other College Officerships, would seek to join those already supporting this fund and help us secure this post in perpetuity.

To make a donation, please visit our giving page, or alternatively, to find out more or to discuss your giving, please contact development@queens.ox.ac.uk.

The Centenary Visiting Professorship in PPE

In November 2021, thanks to an anonymous gift from an Old Member of Queen’s College and a friend of University College, the two colleges were delighted to announce the creation of a visiting professorship to mark the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) degree at Oxford University.

This shared gift, which also contains additional funding for a generous living stipend, will endow a visiting professorship that rotates annually between the two colleges and the individual subjects.

The Centenary Visiting Professorship will become a key feature in both colleges’ undergraduate teaching and research programmes, and each looks forward to being able to welcome some of the world’s top academic talent to Oxford from the 2023-24 academic year, when we will be welcoming Prof. Christina Davis (Harvard) as the inaugural Centenary Visiting Professor in PPE for Politics.

We are now looking to raise additional support to enhance the Fellowship further. This will include opening up the College and the PPE curriculum to some of the world’s top academic talent outside of Oxford, enhancing our current students’ educational experience.  To date, over £1,675,000 has been raised of the £2,000,000 required to complete the permanent endowment on the College’s side.

To make a donation, please visit our giving page, or alternatively, to find out more or to discuss your giving, please contact development@queens.ox.ac.uk.

We hope you will help us to preserve this system for generations of Queen’s students to come in other subject areas. To make a gift to help endow Fellowships in History or Maths, or to discuss ways in which you might support the tutorial system, please contact development@queens.ox.ac.uk.


To make a regular gift by credit card, please visit our online giving page and select the ‘Recurring’ option: The Queen’s Access All Areas Appeal.

If you would like to find out more or discuss your giving, please contact development@queens.ox.ac.uk.