The Queen’s College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. It was founded in 1341. The College is a registered charity (no. 1142553).


The College is situated on the High Street in the centre of Oxford. 


The Provost and various Fellows form the Governing Body of the the College. The College is constituted and regulated in accordance with the College Statutes, which are made from time to time by order of Her Majesty in Council in accordance with the Royal Charter of 17 March 1926, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act 1923. The College Bylaws are additional rules made by the Governing Body. The Governing Body has responsibility for the direction and management of the affairs of the College.

Organisational and committee structure

The College has a number of committees that report to Governing Body to enable Governing Body to make informed decisions.

Services we offer

The objects of the foundation upon which the College is based are to maintain a College for the advancement of education and research and the advancement of religion. The objects of the College are:

  • The advancement of education and research for the benefit of the public, in a range of subject areas as determined from time to time by its Governing Body (as defined in Statute III), including through: (a) the provision of teaching, supervision, accommodation and other forms of support for undergraduate and graduate students; and (b) the provision of a Library which shall include works for consultation by qualified scholars.
  • The advancement of religion for the benefit of the public, including through the provision of a Chapel affiliated with the Church of England and through the holding of services and associated events.

This website contains information about undergraduate admissions, graduate admissions (see also the Oxford University graduate prospectus), and details of the facilities and services we offer to current students including welfare provision. The undergraduate handbook and graduate handbook are also available for download.

Information about the research undertaken by individual Fellows, Tutors and lecturers is available in the Fellows & Academics section of the website.

Information about Old Member services and fund-raising is available on this website.

The Chapel is a place of public worship and all are welcome to attend the regular services held in term time.

Subsidiary companies

Queen’s operates two wholly owned subsidiary companies, which help to support the College’s core activities of education and research. These are The Queen’s College Oxford Trading Limited and The Queen’s College Oxford Developments Limited.

Document Formats and fees

Printed versions of all documents produced by Queen’s College and referred to on this page are available. A fee may be charged.

College policies, rules, and regulations


College Chapel Rules and Regulations – hard copy available on request

Risk Management Policy – hard copy available on request