We host a wide range of events throughout the year for Old Members and look forward to welcoming you back to College to catch up with old friends and tutors.

Events for Old Members take place throughout the year. Whether catching up with old friends and tutors or simply returning to experience that unique College atmosphere, you will be warmly welcomed back to Queen’s.

The events programme for Queen’s Old Members includes reunion dinners, such as the Old Members’ Dinner, as well as subject dinners and year group reunions for the Boar’s Head and Needle and Thread Gaudies. We also hold events further afield: in London, North America, and other regional UK and European cities.

In addition to our in-person events we offer ways to connect virtually or to re-watch content online, with the aim of including more of the Old Member community in our activities than ever before.

It was a pleasure to be back and to feel like a member of Queen’s. It reminded me of some of the values and broader attitudes to life learned at Queen’s, particularly confidence and humanity.

Chris Davey, Mathematics (1967)