Anthea Bell Prize Submission Form 2024
School address
School address
Country (please note that the competition is open to British Schools Overseas but not International Schools in 2024. We hope to extend the competition to International schools in 2025.)
Geographical area of school
If you are unsure which area your school is in, please use the table on this blog post as a guide.
If your school is planning to enter for multiple languages, please complete a new form for each language and upload entries for one language only per form.
If you are submitting multiple forms for entries in different languages, please give the number of students who participated for each language on each form, rather than the total number across all languages.

Teacher details

We will contact the teachers listed below with the outcome of the competition.
Teacher name
Teacher name

Maximum file size: 314.57MB

Please upload entries for one language only per form. If you are entering for more than one language, please complete a separate form for each language.