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MS. 52
Bible, with double Psalter
England; s. xiii1

MS. 53
Antonius de Butrio, Lectura on the Liber extra
Italy; s. xv med(?)

MS. 54
Collection relating to canon law, in Latin and English
England; s. xv ex. (after 1481)

MS. 55
Bible, omitting Psalms
England; s. xiii1

MS. 70
Southern France (?); s. xiii2

MS. 106 (Flyleaves)
Josephus, Jewish wars, in Latin
France; s. xii2/3
The Roman de Troie, Prose 3, in French
Italy; s. xiii4/4

MS. 134
Ordinance for Edward IV’s household, in English
England; s. xv4/4, after June 1478

MS. 151
Year books of Henry V and Henry VI, in Latin and French
England; s. xv

MS. 161
Chivalric compilation, in Scots and Latin
Scotland; s. xv-xvi, after 1494

MS. 167
Genealogical roll chronicle
England; s. xv2/4 (after 1422 and probably before 1444)

MS. 168
Roger Alban, Genealogical roll chronicle
England (London?); s. xv3/4 (after 1454, perhaps before 1459)

MS. 202
Horace, Opera, with glosses
England; s. xii1/4

MS. 207
Book of Hours, Use of Sarum, in Latin and English
England; s. xv3/4

MS. 208
Psalter, in Greek
England; s. xv

MS. 210
Book of Hours, Use of Sarum, in Latin and English
England; with inserted Dutch miniatures; s. xv1-2/4

MS. 213
Life of Adam, etc.
England; s. xv1 (1449 or earlier)

MS. 255
Nicholas de Aquavilla, Sermones dominicales
England; s. xv

MS. 298
Filippo Alberici, De homine condito
England; s. xvi in., probably c.1506-9

MS. 299
France, Paris; s. xiii4/4

MS. 300
I Samuel – II Kings, with Glossa ordinaria
England; s. xii3-4/4

MS. 302
Peter Lombard, Commentary on the Psalms
England; s. xiv

MS. 303
Peter Lombard, Commentary on the Psalms
England; s. xiii in.

MS. 304
Chronicles, Genealogies, etc., by English authors
England, Glastonbury; s. xv1/4

MS. 305
Legendary, in French
France; s. xv3/4

MS. 306
Jerome; Paschasius Radbertus
England; s. xii4/4

MS. 307
Ranulf Higden, Polychronicon, with continuations
England; s xiv ex. (1381 x 1419)

MS. 308
Heptateuch, with prologues, in Latin
England; s. xiv3/4

MS. 309
Augustine, Sermones de verbis domini et apostoli
England, probably Llanthony; s. xii3/4

MS. 312
Robert Grosseteste, etc.
England; s. xiv, after 1346

MS. 313
New Testament books, with Gloss
England (or France?); s. xiii2

MS. 314
Silius Italicus, Punica, and Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica
Italy, Padua; s. xv3/4

MS. 315
Anselm, Boethius
England; s. xiii-xiv

MS. 316
Deuteronomy, with the Glossa ordinaria
England; s. xii-xiii

MS. 317
Matthew and Mark, with prologues and Gloss
England (Reading?); s. xii-xiii

MS. 318
Cassiodorus, Isidore, Hugh of St.-Victor
France; s. xii2 or med.

MS. 319
Origen, Commentary on Romans, in the Latin translation of Rufinus
England; s. xii2/4 or med.

MS. 320
Isidore, Etymologies, Books I-X
England; s. x med. or x3/4

MS. 321
Huguccio of Pisa, Derivationes
France; s. xiii med.(?)

MS. 322
Peter of Poitiers, Distinctiones super psalterium; Gloss on the Psalms
England (Gloucester?); s. xiii in.

MS. 323
Gospel of St. Luke, with Glossa ordinaria
England (or France?); s. xii2/4 or med.

MS. 324
Primer, in English with Latin rubrics
England, perhaps London; s. xv in.

MS. 344
Books of the Old and New Testaments
France; s. xii-xiii

MS. 348
France; s. xii2 (after 1155)

MS. 349
Book of Hours, use of Sarum, in Latin
Flanders; s. xv ex.

MS 351
New Testament, except Revelation, in Arabic
Syria (Aleppo?); s. xvi-xvii (1023 Hijri / 1614/5 CE?)

MS. 357
Guide for a Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, etc., in English and Latin
England; s. xv ex. (after 1480)

MS. 358
England; s. xiii3/4

MS. 362
Thomas de Chobham, Summa confessorum
England; s. xiii2

MS. 366
Records of the bishop of Lincoln’s properties, etc., in Latin, English, and French
England; s. xiv ex.

MS. 367
Chronicle, etc., of St. Peter’s Abbey, Gloucester
England, Gloucester; s. xv (before 1412?)

MS. 369
New Testament, earlier Wycliffite version, in English
England; s. xv in.

MS. 370
Hugh of Strassburg (Hugo Ripelin), Veritatis theologiae
England; s. xiv

MS. 383
John Mandeville’s Travels, etc., in English and Latin
England; s. xiv-xv

MS. 385
Exchequer records of taxes; extracts of statutes, etc., in Latin and French
England; s. xv

MS. 386
Augustine, Homilies on St. John’s Gospel, in Latin
England(?); s. xii4/4

MS. 388
Bible, in the later Wycliffite English version
England; s. xv1/4

MS. 389
Guardbook containing miscellaneous leaves and fragments

MS. 389B
Guardbook containing miscellaneous leaves and fragments

MS. 405
Book of Hours, Use of Bourges, in Latin and French
France; s. xv3/4

MS. 412
Fragments, etc.
England; s. xiv in.-med., etc.

[Queen’s College Archives] 4 G 4
Cartulary of God’s House, Southampton
England, Oxford, c.1340 and c.1370-c.1390

[Archives, Sine numero]
Obituary book and Martyrology
England, Oxford(?), 1341 x 1351