As part of the College’s ongoing review of accommodation, students were invited to consultations last academic year that took place prior to the Governing Body decisions on vacation residence rules and charges.  One of the decisions subsequently made by Governing Body was to make the vacation residence rate one consistent rate for all students whether staying for a shorter period or for the entire Easter vacation. 

This outcome is more equitable because students in financial need can request and receive the assistance they require through the appropriate channel (please see link below).  The change means that the College no longer supports students staying in College over those who do not live in College (i.e. those in private rental) and it no longer subsidises as heavily students who have the means to pay, instead making funds available to better target students who have financial need (and who may end up having all of their vacation costs covered, if needed).

It’s worth noting that those who are not in financial need are charged rates that are already subsidised for all (for example, the termly daily rate of £25.54 last academic year was subsidised by c. £10).

The key information here is that those students who are eligible for vacation residence and cannot afford the vacation residence charges (or need financial assistance for any other reason), should apply for financial assistance which may cover all or part of their costs.  Please use the Undergraduate Financial Assistance Form at the bottom of the following page: You can get advice from the College Office: and also your Personal Tutor.

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