Emergency telephone numbers

Police / Ambulance emergency assistance – 999

Fire – 999

Oxford University Security Services Emergency number – 01865 289999 | ouss.administration@admin.ox.ac.uk

Information about a crime – 101

NHS Helpline for non-emergency medical assistance – 111

College Lodge emergency number – 01865 279122

Emails to the Lodge will be monitored once a day however emails should be used for non-urgent situations only, and will be actioned or responded to only if necessary.

  • Any emergency related to a College facility (urgent maintenance issues) MAY be reported to the College Lodge emergency number – 01865 279122. (This is a recorded message for the closure only.)
  • Do not use this number for police or fire emergencies in the first instance.
  • Do use this number following a major incident, police or other emergency, which has already been reported to the police or OUSS, and you believe someone at the College should be made aware of an ongoing situation.
  • Voicemail – Calls made to the College Lodge (01865 279120) will go to voice mail and the emergency phone numbers will be supplied. No messages can be left on the Lodge phone.

All students in all accommodation

Please be mindful to avoid false callouts. Inattention while cooking that causes needless callouts of the fire service must be avoided. A Porter will investigate any situation that has been phoned through to the emergency phone number, and if deemed an emergency, will assist further. However, do be aware that the response time to an emergency reported to the Lodge emergency phone will be longer than usual, as Porters will attend from their home. Any callout of a trade (plumbing, electrician, security, etc.,) found to have been avoidable may be charged to you.

Do not email any other College staff for any emergency, or other urgent or non-urgent College-related situation. These email accounts will not be monitored.


The last Royal Mail collection will be made at 4.50 pm, on Thursday 21 December, and any mail received on 22 December will be franked and posted conventionally. The Royal Mail will resume delivery and collection on Tuesday 2 January 2024.

Venneit Close

During the College closure period, students living in Venneit Close should notify NOPS on their office number – 01865 318 522, or emergency number – 01865 311745 depending on the date /time of the call (see office closure information below).

If using the NOPS emergency number, select the emergency option and this will be directed to a team member on call. If your call is not answered immediately please leave a message, property address, name and contact number and they will call back as soon as possible.  

NOPS identify an emergency as any of the following:

  • No heat
  • No hot water
  • No power
  • Major plumbing issues
  • Flooding
  • Major leaks

Common examples of problems that are NOT emergencies are:

  • Any failure of a kitchen appliance
  • Minor leaks that are not around electrics
  • A problem in a bathroom or toilet where there is more than one such facility in the property
  • Lockouts – they will respond but you will have to pay any contractors’ expenses
  • Individual lightbulbs not working

NOPS opening days/hours

Saturday 23rd Dec Closed
Sunday 24th Dec Closed
Monday 25th Dec Closed
Tuesday 26th Dec Closed
Wednesday 27th Dec 10am to 1pm
Thursday 28th Dec 10am to 1pm
Friday 29th Dec 10am to 1pm
Sat 30th Dec Closed
Sun 31st Dec Closed
Mon 1st Jan Closed
Tues 2nd Jan open as usual