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COVID-secure self-isolation in Queen’s residences: key points and self-isolation support for students

The following points encapsulate the key things that you need to know and do. If you observe them all then you will be helping to support a COVID-secure living and working environment.

Please review the NHS guidance on self-isolating, so you understand the UK government rules about self-isolation and you should also prepare yourself in advance by familiarising yourself with the information contained in this document. Please remember you must self-isolate if you have symptoms, have tested positive, or have been informed you must self-isolate. It is your responsibility to know and follow the legislation and the guidance and to act accordingly.

Inform yourself about the University’s own Early Alert Service (the University’s in-house COVID-19 testing service, open to all staff and students of the University and colleges). For enquiries related to booking a University test, please contact Please also ensure that the College Office ( has your mobile number so that we can contact you if needed.

Please see our page on Self-isolation Support - Provisions for more information about food options. Because you are not permitted to go to shops and cannot fully cook for yourself, we will help to support you. However, we will generally leave you to make your own decisions about how you wish to provide for yourself. If you are really not well, we will keep in touch with you, make sure you have enough to eat, and assist in making any medical arrangements if necessary. 

What happens if I show symptoms of COVID-19?

  • If you feel ill with symptoms of COVID-19 contact the Lodge on (you can also use or phone 01865 279120, any time of the day or night. An email will be picked up by the Lodge Porters and passed to the appropriate person.
  • Book a test at the University’s testing service (the Early Alert Service).
  • You may leave your household in order to attend your appointment, but otherwise you should self-isolate until you receive your results.

While in self-isolation

  • The student who is symptomatic should not leave their room, if possible, or must keep any movement outside the room to an absolute minimum (and wear a mask and avoid contact with others). You will be asked to make and consume food in your room if this is possible.
  • You may not leave your household nor walk about College or your residence building. (Your household will be designated on a sign in your kitchen, corridor or nearby.)
  • If you do not have an en-suite bedroom, you will use shared toilets and showers. Cleaning materials are provided in the bathrooms and everyone should clean the facility both before and after you have used it.
  • Other members of the household can prepare food and drinks in a shared kitchen while waiting for confirmation of the test result for a symptomatic member who is self-isolating in their room. Cleaning materials are provided and you should wipe down all surfaces before and after use. Remember that it would be advisable to keep 2m from your fellow residents and wear a face mask during this time, as you are not sure if you or another member may have contracted the virus but are asymptomatic.

Arrangements for meals

  • You are advised to always keep food and medication for a 24-hour period available. This is the time you wait for your test result from the EAS Testing service.
  • Please note the separate information page on provisions while you are in self-isolation.
  • You can, of course, shop online or order food deliveries through online providers such as supermarkets, Deliveroo and Uber eats while in self-isolation, but you must ask for assistance from friends who are not in isolation to collect these from the door of your residence. Do not exit your household to move through other households to collect these items.

In the event of a fire alarm

Leave the building immediately and muster as per the information in your building. This applies even if you have symptoms. If you are isolating, please keep a 2m distance from everyone else. 


Self-isolation can be a trying time, but there is support available through the Welfare Team:

Your common room welfare officers can also help. In addition to that, the College can help you source food, if needed. 

You may wish to look at the following websites:

Emergencies and maintenance matters

For non-urgent matters and maintenance issues please contact the Queen's College Lodge, For urgent maintenance issues ring the Lodge on 01865 279120, leave a message, and follow with an email to the Lodge.

In an emergency requiring medical, fire or police services, ring 999. When any emergency services attend a College property you should report details of the incident, immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible, to the Lodge on 01865 279120. The Lodge Porter will assist and advise what to do next.

Marie Bracey
Domestic Bursar
3 October 2020