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Creation Justice 2021
"The Creation is groaning..." (Romans 8.22)

Creation Justice was a programme of sermons and talks running through Hilary Term 2021, focusing on the ethical and spiritual aspects of the human response to environmental crisis. We welcomed a series of speakers from a range of both religious and secular traditions on topics related to the ethics, psychology, and theology of environmental concern.

Update: This series of events has now concluded. All the Sunday e-vensong video services can be found on the Virtual Chapel page. Please scroll down for speaker event videos.


9 February: Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, "‘The climate emergency, theology and ecology: an impassioned Jewish view"

Jonathan Wittenberg is Senior Rabbi of Masorti Judaism UK and a co-founder of Eco Synagogue.

16 February: Joseph Poore, "The Promise and Challenges of Food Environmental Labelling"

Queen’s very own Joseph Poore, now working with the Oxford Martin Programme on Food Sustainability Analytics. His 2018 Science article on the environmental impact of farming made international headlines with its scientific case for a vegan lifestyle. In this talk he asked whether consumer labelling could be the answer to sustainable food production - and suggested that 'sustainable' is as much a value judgment as a scientific one. This event was live only.


23 February: Dr Jennifer Eggert, "Environment and sustainability: An Islamic perspective"

Jennifer Eggert’s work covers gender, Islam, and international development. She is Senior Research Associate for the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities, which seeks to understand and capitalise on faith groups’ involvement in sustainable development. This event was live only.


2 March: Dr Makbul Rahim, "“Seeing environment through the prism of faith, and some insider insights on changing environmental practices in faith communities” 

Makbul Rahim is an expert on the oil industry. His research is on the environmental practices of the Khoja Muslim community.


9 March: Dr Adam Baimel "Environmentalism & the Gods"

Adam Baimel is a social psychologist based at Oxford Brookes. His work is on how different religious beliefs motivate environmental care across cultures.