Dining Right was a programme of meals and discussions that ran in 2021-22 featuring innovative guest chefs that formed part of a wider College initiative to explore the College’s food systems.  This initiative, Sustainable Food at Queen’s, considered four separate recommendations from the College’s Governing Body.

The first recommendation is that the College investigate ways in which it can purchase and prepare food which consists of increasing consumption of plant-based foods and substantially reducing consumption of animal source foods.  The second recommendation is that the College seek to purchase a diverse range of nutritious foods from biodiversity-enhancing food production systems.  The third recommendation is that the College consider purchasing sustainably produced and harvested food and the fourth recommendation is that the College aim to cut its food waste as much as possible.

The College was delighted to welcome renowned chef Asma Khan, whose expertise aligned particularly well with the second recommendation and the diversity of our food offer. Students, staff, and Fellows enjoyed a week of her recipes, the highlight of which was a Wednesday guest night when large sharing dishes were served throughout Hall.