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Creation Justice 2021: Dr Adam Baimel

Public event


Free of charge

Adam Baimel is a social psychologist based at Oxford Brookes. His work is on how different religious beliefs motivate environmental care across cultures. This event will be live only, lasting around 45 minutes, and not available to view afterwards. Please register your interest to join online.

The environmental crisis long predates COVID-19, and there will be no vaccine against climate change. Many have found in the current crisis an opportunity to reflect more explicitly on the values and priorities which we want to shape our lives and society post-COVID. These are challenges which require a holistic response, and colleges are ideally placed to bring together the academic, spiritual, and communal in reflecting on these topics. Creation Justice 2021 is a programme of sermons and talks running through Hilary term, which will focus on the ethical and spiritual aspects of the human response to environmental crisis. This will include speakers from a range of both religious and secular traditions, on topics related to the ethics, psychology, and theology of environmental concern.

See the full Creation Justice 2021 programme.