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Guest chef: Chantelle Nicholson


The second guest chef in the Dining Right programme (part of Sustainable Food at Queen’s) will be in College Monday 24 January: Chantelle Nicholson of Apricity. Both dinner sittings in Hall will have the same menu: a result of the collaboration between the visiting chef and our Head Chef, Sean Ducie. After the second sitting, there will be an event in the Shulman Auditorium, 8-9pm and open to everyone in College (but not guests of the College): a discussion in response to the question ‘What is sustainable?’, moderated by the Provost, between Chantelle Nicholson, Sean Ducie, and Marco Springmann (Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food). 

Attendance at the event in the Shulman will be first-come, first served. The information below details how you can sign on for the second sitting (dinner starts at 7 pm). Given the complexity of this meal and event, there are some slight changes to usual sign-on practices: this is to maximize the number of places available to everyone in College. Thank you for your understanding.

Undergraduates / JCR: sign up via the usual booking system.

Postgraduates / MCR: MCR guests are permitted as it is an MCR guest night, but the total number of MCR table spaces will be ring-fenced at 42.

College staff: to attend the dinner, please complete this form by 17 January. The cost of the dinner will be £5.

High Table / SCR: SCR members are asked to sign on no later than 5pm on Wednesday 19 January. After that time, any spare spaces will then be assigned to students. Please note that, exceptionally, no guests are permitted on High Table that evening. (N.B. Specially-curated dinners will also be served Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week, so you are asked to sign guests on then instead.) Please note that on the Friday, the annual auction of reversions of periodicals will be held during common room after dinner, so while guests will be allowed for dinner, they will not be allowed for common room.