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Student support

Fees and student loans

UK & EU students

UK and EU students are eligible to apply for various student loans. More information about student loans and course fees can be found here

Overseas students

Overseas students can also find information about course fees here

Jardine Foundation Scholarship

Queen’s is one of the colleges that participate in the scholarship scheme run by the Jardine Foundation, which offers full bursaries for students from Cambodia, China (PRC), Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. For more details, visit

Support offered by the College and University

The University and its Colleges are firmly committed to the principle that access to Oxford should not depend on financial circumstances.


Queen’s has a tradition of supporting its members generously. We budget around £90,000 a year for student support; grants and loans are awarded by a student finance committee which meets twice per term to consider applications. The committee is attended by undergraduate and postgraduate welfare representatives. If you find yourself in severe financial hardship you can apply to this committee. Please also read the guidance notes.

You can also apply to this committee for what we call ‘academic support’ grants. These are to assist you with costs associated with your study such as conference attendance, travel, books, and printing. We will typically award undergraduates a maximum of £390 per year over the course of a degree.

We also offer a book grant programme, which refunds you up to 50% of the cost of essential texts, to a maximum of £100 per year.

In addition, there are various other funds which offer support to students in particular circumstances, including a substantial fund established by Old Members of the College to assist students in the pursuit of educational, sporting, and cultural activities arising from their life at College.

Long distance travel grants 

The Queen’s College is introducing a new grant scheme to support undergraduates from regions of the UK distant from Oxford.

From October 2019, all undergraduates with Home UK fee status who live 125 miles or more from Queen’s will be entitled to a non-repayable grant of £100 per term (£300 per year), intended to cover travel costs to and from Oxford.

The College has committed to this scheme for an initial five year period from October 2019 to June 2024. You can find more information about the scheme (and check your eligibility) here


The University operates the Oxford Bursaries scheme to offer grants and bursaries to UK students lower income backgrounds. Eligible students who also receive full statutory government grants should be able to meet their entire basic living costs during term-time without needing to take out a student loan for maintenance. Bursaries vary depending on your family’s income and you are encouraged to visit the University’s site to learn more about the scheme.

Crankstart Scholarships (formerly Moritz-Heyman Scholarships)

Each year at least 160 new UK students at Oxford whose household income is assessed as £16,000 or less by the Student Loans Company (SLC) are selected to receive an annual fee reduction and bursary through the Crankstart Scholarships programme.

The scheme, which was launched in 2012, following a generous donation from Sir Michael Moritz and Ms Harriet Heyman, combines additional financial support with tailored on-course assistance provided by the Crankstart Scholarship Office and the Careers Service.

As a Crankstart Scholar, you will have the opportunity to access tailored internship support from the Oxford Careers Service, attend a range of exclusive events, including a reception hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, and you will typically be expected to complete 25 hours of ‘outreach’ work to encourage school and college leavers to apply to university, or of community volunteering each year.

Please see the FAQs on the University website for more information on all aspects of the Scholarship programme, or email the Scholarship Office with any other questions.

The University also offers a limited amount of funding for overseas undergraduates. Click here to visit their site.