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Postgraduate Finance and Student Support

Academic Support Grants

Grants are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit. Find out more on our Financial Support page.

Hardship fund

Queen’s has a tradition of supporting its members generously. We budget around £90,000 a year for student support; grants and loans are awarded by a student finance committee which meets twice per term to consider applications. The committee is attended by undergraduate and postgraduate welfare representatives. If you find yourself in severe financial hardship you can apply to this committee. Find out more on our Financial Support page.


There are a number of graduate scholarships available at The Queen's College. Find out more on our Graduate Scholarships page.

Student funding and course fees

Information about student funding and course fees for postgraduate courses can be found on the University's Fees & Funding pages.


Undergraduate students who continue to postgraduate study at The Queen’s College may be eligible to receive a Taberdarship – a scholarship to the value of approximately £3,500. In order to be eligible, students must attain a First Class degree in their Finals examinations. Taberdarships are tenable for one year in the first instance and may be renewed annually for a further three years.