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Supporting Queen's
The Junior Common Room with current students

Queen’s is an outstanding, diverse and welcoming academic community committed to teaching and research. We recruit the brightest students, no matter their circumstances, to benefit from the exceptional opportunities Queen’s has to offer.

Preserving the unique tutorial system, offering a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities, and maintaining a historic yet vibrant 21st century setting is a huge financial challenge.

Reduced public funding means that teaching and housing students, our core activities and sources of income, continue to operate at a significant loss. We have developed other income streams in support, notably conference and residential accommodation. We continue to rely heavily on the College’s endowment and our benefactors’ generosity to operate on a daily basis and to undertake the significant projects necessary to ensure Queen’s retains its place as a centre of excellence for future generations of students.

Our students themselves are under the kind of financial pressure that previous generations have hardly experienced. We want our students to be able to make the most of their time at Queen’s, academically, culturally and in sport and social contexts, to equip them to play their future part in shaping and leading communities around the world.

To do all this we need your support.

Your help building the College’s endowment and strengthening our financial position will enable us to help students today and plan for the future so that Queen’s continues to provide an outstanding education for future generations.

Thank you very much for your support.