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Italian Poetry Today (IPT) Poetry Prize

The IPT Poetry Prize is dedicated to a diverse array of the best contemporary poetry in Italian. We aim to provide authors, especially young emerging poets, with a far-reaching forum in which to present their work. 

The prize is in collaboration with The Queen’s College at the University of Oxford, the Italian Cultural Institute in London, and Nuovi Argomenti.


Everyone under the age of 35 years old is welcome to participate.


IPT is dedicated to Italian poetry, but we strive not to be prescriptive in our guidelines and would therefore encourage submissions to not necessarily be written in Italian, but to engage with Italian language, including any Italian other language or dialects, or linguistic pastiche. 


This year, all submissions will be evaluated by IPT founding members, Adele Bardazzi, Roberto Binetti and Olmo Calzolari, together with a group of poets and critics who have agreed to take part in the awarding process. These are Elisa Biagini, Franco Buffoni, Maria Borio, Laura Pugno and Emanuela Tandello.


The winner of the first prize will receive £200. The top three entries will also have the opportunity to have their poems published online on Nuovi Argomenti in the section Officina Poesia. If selected for publication, the author should provide a translation in Italian of any text written in another language. In addition, the jury will select up to five authors to read and present their submitted poems in a dedicated event as part of the IPT seminar series. 

How to Enter

Only unpublished material should be submitted, and no more than five poems should be sent. Poems should be submitted to by 23 April 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted. We plan to announce the outcome of the competition by September 2021. Updates regarding the prize will be published here.