Hilary Term 2023

The library will return to term time opening hours from Monday 16th January (1st week) and operate these hours until Saturday 11th March (8th week). The library will be staffed between 9am and 7pm Monday – Friday, and 10am – 3pm on Saturdays. The Upper Library will be open during staffed hours. The Lower and New Libraries will be open 24/7.

Please remember that the Queen’s Library is for Queen’s members only, do not bring in guests to view the Upper Library without prior permission from a member of the Library staff. The Library reader spaces are for Queen’s members only, do not bring non-members of Queen’s to work in the Library at any time – anyone found doing this will be contacted and further disciplinary action might result as a consequence.

Click & collect

Most items that are currently available to borrow from the Queen’s Library can be requested on SOLO. You will need to sign into SOLO using your Single Sign-On then click on the “Click & Collect” button to initiate your request. You may request up to 5 items at any one time. Once these requests have been fulfilled, you can request a further 5 and so on – up to a maximum of 30 books. 

Please note that the click and collect service is monitored between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday – requests made after approx. 2pm on a Friday and over the weekend will be processed the following Monday.

Once Library staff have processed your request and the item(s) are available for loan, you will receive an email indicating that they are ready for collection and at what time. Please do not come to the Library before you are advised to do so. Books should be collected from the designated collection point, located just outside the Library.

Book returns

Please place any items you are returning in either the drop box outside the library, or in either of the return bins by the self issue machines (one in the Lower Library and one in the New Library).

If you have books on loan you will be sent a series of automated reminders prompting you to take some action. If you receive an email saying a book you have on loan has been requested by another reader you will not be able to renew it and will need to bring it back to the Library as soon as possible.

If you think you have returned your books but are still being asked to return them please email library@queens.ox.ac.uk so we can check the shelves.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to help you.

The Multi-Purpose Room

If you wish to book the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) you can do this by emailing library@queens.ox.ac.uk with a minimum of 12 hours notice. MPR slots can be booked for up to three hours at a time. You may introduce up to five students from other colleges to work with you in the MPR.

Mult-purpose room

External readers

There is some capacity to accommodate external researchers. Please direct enquiries to library@queens.ox.ac.uk or (for the Archive) archive@queens.ox.ac.uk, and we will pleased to help where we can.

entrance to the vault