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Academic support grants: helping students with their studies and career prospects

7 December 2017

Any student can apply for an academic support grant from the College; these grants are available to assist students with costs associated with their studies, such as conference attendance, travel, books, and printing.  Here a current student writes about how a grant helped him.

'From mid-August to the end of September I went on a seven-week internship at the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, which was not only beneficial for my career prospects but also my degree as I significantly improved my German language skills while there (although a History and Politics student, I plan to take a History special subject in which 40% of the primary sources are in German).

During my internship, I published five articles on a range of topics from internet censorship to Brexit’s impact on Africa, plus I produced radio pieces for the news programme Africa Link as well as my own special piece on an exhibition in Düsseldorf about Germany’s colonial past in Cameroon. For this latter piece, I attended a podium discussion and interviewed a couple of academics (one of them in German) about German colonialism’s enduring legacy in Africa. I found the topic particularly interesting and it has sparked ideas for potential dissertation options.

The academic support grant I received was crucial to this internship as it covered half of my accommodation, which on top of the small income I received from Deutsche Welle for travel to and from work made the entire trip more affordable. I would highly recommend applying for this grant if you want to enjoy a similarly enriching experience as the one I had in Germany.'

Jake Davies (History and Politics)

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