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The Addison Society

29 November 2017

This term the Addison Society was treated to a delightful evening with the journalist, writer and Queen’s Old Member Anna Minton. A delicious meal was followed by a fascinating speech and question and answer exchange in which Anna touched on the pressing topic of the housing crisis, particularly relevant to young students looking to one day get on the property ladder. Reading excerpts from her book Big Capital: Who is London For?, Anna highlighted stark truths and uncomfortable realities, made especially poignant in the context of the Grenfell Tower disaster. There were lots of interesting contributions from the dinner-goers too, some sharing personal insights and experiences. The event was a great success, and the Addison Society calendar for the year was started in style.

The Addison Society is a student-run society that invites speakers to come and enjoy dinner before sharing their thoughts on a topic of their choice, after which the floor is opened to questions and discussion. The events are open to all members of the College.

Paddy Hannam, Secretary of The Addison Society

The Addison Society