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Ancient Greek Comedy: a tribute to Dr Angus Bowie

6 July 2020

A collection of 17 essays on Greek comedy in honour of Dr Angus Bowie (Emeritus Fellow of The Queen’s College) has been published by De Gruyter, following an international graduate conference held in Oxford in 2017 to mark his retirement.

The volume, entitled Ancient Greek Comedy. Genre - Texts - Reception. Essays in Honour of Angus M. Bowie, is edited by two of Angus Bowie’s former students, Dr Almut Fries, Lecturer in Classics at Queen’s, and Dr Dimitrios Kanellakis, who has just completed his DPhil on Aristophanes and the Poetics of Surprise.

In the preface, the editors describe Angus Bowie as ‘a prime example of a great teacher’, who at the same time ‘exceeds this designation, since he is also a world-leading scholar, a supportive colleague and a committed friend.’

Angus read Classics at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and took up his first academic position as Lecturer in Greek at the University of Liverpool in 1977. He moved to Queen’s in 1981, where he stayed until his retirement in 2016, as Lobel Praelector in Classical Languages and Literature.

In 1993 he published a ground-breaking monograph, which established him as a leading scholar of Greek comedy: Aristophanes: Myth, Ritual and Comedy (CUP). In more recent years he has turned to producing, amongst other things, commentaries on Herodotus and Homer.

Angus was very much involved in the Queen’s community, serving as Senior Tutor (1996–2004) and Fellow Librarian (2010–2014). He also played an active part in founding the Centre for Manuscript and Text Cultures (CMTC) at The Queen’s College and its accompanying online journal, Manuscript and Text Cultures.

In retirement he still runs some of the most popular seminars at Oxford, continues to teach Greek to aspiring teenage classicists at an annual summer school and delivers lectures to academic and non-academic audiences across the UK and abroad.