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College Medical Society holds one-day conference on Medical Innovation

5 March 2020

On 16 February the Queen’s College Medical Society (QCMS) hosted a gathering of medical students and members of the wider University to hear from a diverse set of speakers at the forefront of Healthcare Innovation in several sectors across the globe.

The morning started with a discussion of advances in molecular drug technology by Justin Hean, Principal Scientist and representative of Oxford Biotech Company Evox therapeutics. Evox’s key product aims to harness intracellular lipid vesicles, known as exosomes, to alter the drug-delivery landscape. Dr Krishan Ramdoo, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, talked about healthcare innovation in the framework of the NHS, and his own comprehensive digital health system ‘Tympahealth’ which aims to tackle unmet needs in otology. The morning was rounded off by Iain Broadley and Ally Jaffee, medical students at the University of Bristol who established Nutritank, a nationwide think-tank that aims to address the need for improved nutrition and lifestyle education in medical school curricula and beyond.

World-renowned healthcare innovator Professor Shafi Ahmed provided an impressive account of the cutting-edge frontiers of healthcare technology, from using virtual reality to connect surgeons across the globe in real-time, to the potential role of artificial intelligence in alleviating the increasing burden on healthcare resources. This talk was complemented by Professor Elizabeth Molyneux’s introduction to the concept of ‘Frugal Innovation’ by harnessing sparse economic and technological resources, drawing on her inspiring work improving paediatric care in Malawi.

The day was hugely enjoyable, and each of the speakers brought much to consider regarding the future of healthcare systems in an ever advancing but increasingly disparate global arena.

Esme Weeks (Medicine, 2017), Vice President of QCMS

College Medical Society one-day conference in Shulman Auditorium