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Editorial Achievement award for Professor Whidden and Nineteenth Century French Studies

24 January 2017

We are delighted to announce that The Council of Editors of Learned Journals has named Nineteenth Century French Studies (NCFS), the recipient of the 2016 Phoenix Award for Significant Editorial Achievement. The journal is edited by Queen’s Fellow in French, Professor Seth Whidden. The formal presentation took place during the Modern Language Association’s annual convention, in Philadelphia in early January.

As the CELJ explains, the award is given to journals that “have launched an overall effort of revitalization or transformation within the previous 3 years (2014-16)”:

This award goes to the most improved journal, regardless of its state at the time the renovations began. A weak journal that has become excellent is eligible, but so too is an admired journal that manages to become dramatically better. Submissions must feature significant editorial change and may also feature change in design and other aspects of the journal's publication.

As the landmark journal in its field, NCFS is most certainly an admired journal that has become dramatically better. The history of the journal, and details of the changes that Professor Whidden introduced when he became editor, can be found here.

Seth Whidden