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Extraordinary Junior Research Fellowship in Chemistry

8 March 2016

The College is pleased to announce that Dr Joseph Gault has been elected to an Extraordinary Junior Research Fellowship in Chemistry with effect from 1st April 2016.

Dr Gault writes:  “Many cellular processes are controlled by large groups of interacting proteins that work together as “molecular machines”. These protein complexes are often regulated by interactions with other smaller biomolecules or chemical modifications (post translational modifications - PTMs) that are often transient and therefore particularly challenging to study. I am fascinated by this complex level of biological control that can only be understood by characterizing intact proteins and their assemblies directly.  At the interface of chemistry and biology, my research focuses on developing new ways to understand the biological function of these protein level interactions by developing a technique called “native mass spectrometry”. I am currently focused on understanding the relationships between membrane proteins and the lipids that make up the membrane.”