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Finalist wins prize for greatest aptitude in zoological field studies

4 July 2019

The College warmly congratulates finalist in Biological Sciences William Smith, who has been awarded the Southern Field Studies Book Prize for 2019. The Prize is awarded to the candidate who has shown the greatest aptitude for zoological field studies in the Final Honour School of Biological Sciences.

This incredible achievement is largely due to the fact that Will’s project for Final Honour Schools was entirely his own idea.  He caught wild rock doves (which live mostly on islands and in caves in Scotland and Ireland) and feral domestic (‘city’) pigeons to identify differences between the forms. His work will help to inform future research on whether the rock dove is at risk of being ‘hybridised to extinction’ by feral pigeons.

Will says ‘This information didn’t exist before so it’s been really exciting to study these birds. I am going to be exploring hybridisation and gene flow in this study system for a DPhil at Queen’s starting in October.’



William Smith