The works to create the new Porters’ Lodge in FQ1/2 are progressing well and are currently on schedule to be completed in Spring 2023. The opening between the cloister and new Lodge has been created. The permanent steel structure has been installed to support the wall above and the temporary propping steels have now been removed giving a sense of what the view is going to be like into and from the new Lodge. The floor structure in the new Lodge has been dropped to give level access from the cloister. As much of the original structure as possible has been retained and new timber has been installed to help support the floor.

In order to provide space to install a lift and create a disabled access route into the new Lodge, a 20th century masonry chimney on the gable of Drawda Hall needed to be removed. This work has now been completed. During this work the timber frame of the building was exposed, which revealed large sections of decay. In consultation with the local authority’s Conservation Office, sections of decayed timber frame have been removed and replaced with new traditional oak carpentry.

The ground level in the Beer Cellar Yard has been reduced to provide level access and a new lift pit has been created. The excavation was subject to an archaeological watching brief but nothing of note was discovered.

Image: Projected image of what the new Lodge gates will look like from the High Street (Burd Haward Architects).

Grace Finlay, Clerk of Works