The College is excited to take part in its first ever Giving Day, Queen’s Gives! For 36 hours from 8am on 29 May to 8pm on 30 May, we are reaching out to the global Queen’s Community.

We are inviting Queen’s Old Members and Friends to give back in support of our core activities: teaching and research, looking after the needs of students, and widening participation in Higher Education, particularly within our links schools in the North West. You can also choose to make an unrestricted gift to the College’s areas of greatest need.

Over these 36 hours, your kind donation, no matter the size, will make a meaningful contribution to students at Queen’s. The first £80,000 donated will be matched £ for £ – making your donation go twice as far. And every gift will also help to unlock Queen’s Gives challenge funds.

However, it’s not just about giving. Queen’s Gives is also a day to connect with Queen’s friends, to reflect on what your own time at Queen’s has meant to you, and to celebrate everything that makes our College special. As well as fundraising, we hope we can encourage as many Old Members as possible to lend your voice in helping to spread the word about Giving Day. 

Together, the Queen’s community can make a huge difference for our students and researchers, now and in the future. Please join us on for the College’s first ever Giving Day and be a part of something truly meaningful. Thank you!