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Spitsbergen Retraced

2 November 2017

Last year recent graduate James Lam (Physics, 2012) undertook an exhibition to Svalbard, partially supported by The Queen’s College’s 650th Anniversary Trust Fund. Now a feature-length documentary has been produced and there are free screenings coming up in Oxford and London this November. To view the trailer and to find out more about the screenings, please visit:

In 1923 four students from Oxford University made the first crossing of the Spitsbergen ice cap. Bad weather, failing equipment and heavy sleds made the 32 day crossing an unimaginably arduous endeavour. 93 years later, to the day, four students from the same university returned to the Arctic in their footsteps, to discover the secrets of their epic journey and see first-hand the beauty of this pristine wilderness.

The film Spitsbergen Retraced tells the story of this unsupported journey across the ice as the team experiences arctic storms, stunning alpine ridges and historical treasures.


Spitsbergen Retraced