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Three Queen's tutors nominated as outstanding tutors

23 May 2019

Congratulations to Amy Orben, Nick Owen, and Andrew Schuman who have each been nominated as 'outstanding tutor' for the student-led University teaching awards. The Students’ Union Teaching Awards recognise the teachers, tutors, and staff who make a positive difference to students’ experience and lives while at Oxford.

Amy Orben is College lecturer in Psychology. She teaches a large part of the prelim (first year) Experimental Psychology and Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics course at Queens, including social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and perception.  Her research investigates and characterises the effects of social media on human friendship formation. She is especially interested in the habitual consummation of others’ information on the Facebook Newsfeed (or other social media feeds), and how that puts into question traditional psychological theories of friendship maintenance and formation. Read more here.

Nick Owen is the College's Fellow in Politics and also the Senior Tutor.  He teaches the ‘Introduction to Politics’ first year paper, the core political history paper ‘British Politics and Government since 1900’, and the option paper ‘Modern British Government and Politics. He works on British political history since 1900, especially the politics of governments and parties of the left; the working of colonial systems of government; the decolonization of the European colonial empires after 1945; the theory and practice of anti-imperialism, especially the implications of postcolonial theory for the study of anti-imperialist resistance; and the dilemmas of political leadership in anti-imperialist (and other) social movements; colonial violence, and how it was made tolerable to metropolitan audiences in liberal empires; and problems of participation in social movements.

Andrew Schuman is the College doctor and also teaches our medical students.  In addition to his duties as a doctor, he is the lead medical practitioner for Relit, an organisation that practises and researches Bibliotherapy, the ancient art of book-healing. 

Amy Orben, Nick Owen and Andrew Schuman