Last week the Queen’s College Boat Club had a great time on the river and we’re delighted to share reports from the teams below.

Women’s 1

Torpids 2023 was an impressively strong week for W1, resulting in blades. Not only did they get blades, the team established a new record for the QCBC women’s side by securing a net total of +6 across the week, which even included bumping up into the next division.

Their campaign saw the christening of the women’s new boat, which they put to good use with technical and strong rowing. The crew took on their opponents ferociously, never having to row more than 200m of the 2k course before securing their bump on the crew ahead.

Men’s 1

M1, battling through despite injured rowers, defended their place in division II. It was a tough week for the team, with a net total of -4, but they rowed well each day and are raring to start training for their Summer VIIIs campaign where they are sure to make a comeback.

Women’s 2

Being the first Queen’s W2 to qualify for Torpids since 2009, the crew had done QCBC proud even before racing week began. Their performance during Torpids was incredibly impressive, achieving a net +4 overall. Unfortunately a klaxon put a stop to their division’s rowing on day two before they secured the bump, preventing them from winning blades, however the crew still showcased a high standard of rowing. Comprising of home-grown Queen’s rowers, with most crew members having only learnt to row this year, W2 were a powerful crew, led by their up-and-coming novice Cox Oliver Meek with lines and shouts of concede which would impress even the most experienced of coxes. Queen’s W2 will certainly be one to watch in Summer VIIIs this year.

Men’s 2

Having all been novices to rowing this year, M2 have done us proud, their dedication to the sport being unmatched. Unfortunately, without their trusty stoke to lead the way and little encounter with the bank on the final day of Torpids the team left the week with net -8, but the crew demonstrated some powerful rowing and suggest a promising future for the upcoming years at QCBC.

Photos: Gareth Ardron