The Old Members’ Office oversees the lifelong relationship with the College’s alumni. This includes organising an extensive programme of events in College, London, and other cities around the world to support our Old Member engagement and fundraising strategies. 

Christine joined Queen’s in April 2022 to take care of the Old Members’ events programme while Jen Stedman was on maternity leave.  She spent the previous nine years setting up an Alumni Relations programme for Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment.

Christine wrote her DPhil thesis about the character of the fool in 16th-century German drama (which proves more useful in everyday life than you would think) and is on a mission to promote German cakes and biscuits to a British audience. As a life-long choir singer and early music enthusiast, she is excited about working next door to one of the most fabulous college choirs in Oxford.

Since 2023, Christine works alongside Jen Stedman to fulfil the role of Old Members’ Officer. Her usual days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.