Before coming to Oxford I lectured phonetics for clinical, fieldwork and ELT purposes (UCL and De Montfort University). I am a co-organiser of the biennial Phonetics Teaching and Learning Conference and co-direct the Summer Course in English Phonetics at UCL. I also co-examined for the International Phonetic Association’s Certificate of Proficiency in the Phonetics of English.


I teach Prelims Paper IX (Phonetics and Phonology), FHS Paper B/XII (Phonetics) and selected topics for General Linguistics Paper A.


My research interests focus on experimental phonetics. I have been co-investigator on a project ‘Greek in Contact’, which looks at the impact of long-term language contact on the intonational patterns of Greek communities who lived and interacted with Turkish and Italian speaking populations. I am currently working on ‘nasal vowels’ of Polish with a view to establishing their phonemic make-up.


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