I completed my undergraduate degree in Pharmacology at Newcastle University where I remained to complete a PhD in neuroscience. I then took a position as a postdoctoral researcher at the MRC Cognitive Brain Science Unit in Cambridge before moving to University of Oxford in 2018. I was appointed as Stipendiary Lecturer in Neurophysiology at Queens College in 2023.


I teach the “‘Introduction to Psychology’ Prelim course to Queen’s Experimental Psychology (EP) students.


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Brain & Behaviour Research Group, where I conduct research into the cortical networks supporting perception, memory, and decision making. My current research is focussed on understanding communication between areas of the temporal and prefrontal cortex during sensory processing, and aims to understand how these areas communicate to process incoming information and to shape decisions and choices.

My research involves the use of several techniques in combination to link neuronal activity with behaviour. This includes developing behavioural testing paradigms as well as the analysis of a range of neuronal data. I frequently combine both neuroimaging (fMRI), and electrophysiology data to find neural activity associated with sensory features or outcomes, and to quantify how this information is communicated between areas of the brain.