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Dr Steven Kelly

Browne Senior Research Fellow in Biological Sciences


I went to Sandford Park School in Dublin Ireland, and studied for my undergraduate degree at the University of Dublin, Trinity College. I moved to Oxford in 2003 to undertake a DPhil in the laboratory of Prof Keith Gull at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. Following my DPhil I spent a short post-doctoral period in the Oxford Centre for Integrative Systems Biology and the Centre for Mathematical Biology before taking up a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship and Browne Junior Research Fellowship at the Department of Plant Sciences and the Queen’s College. I now hold a Royal Society University Fellowship at the Department of Plant Sciences and I am the Browne Senior Research Fellow at Queen’s.


I teach across a range of subjects in the biological sciences from the genetics of early plant domestication to computational approaches to understanding gene regulatory networks.


Plants use ~3000 genes to convert light energy from the sun into sugars. These genes encode enzymes that catalyse the reactions as well as structural building blocks that are needed to make subcellular compartments where the light energy is captured and stored. This cohort of ~3000 genes is dynamically regulated during plant development and in response to changing environmental conditions. Moreover, these genes have also been subject to a multitude of evolutionary modifications leading to a wide variety of plants with contrasting photosynthetic efficiencies. My research uses a combination of bioinformatics and experimentation to discover how photosynthesis is regulated, how this regulation has evolved in different species, and use this knowledge to help engineer higher yielding crops for the future.


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