I am one of the two physics tutors at The Queen’s College. After completing my DPhil at Hertford College in 1983 I was elected to a Junior Research Fellowship at St. John’s College here in Oxford. In 1986 I was elected to a Royal Society University Research Fellowship, which I held until 1990, when I was elected to a Fellowship at Queen’s, and to a University Lectureship at the Department of Physics. I was awarded the title of Professor of Condensed Matter Physics in 2008. I was Head of Condensed Matter Physics from September 2017 until September 2022.  I am the Entertainment Secretary and Wine Steward here at Queen’s. Physics is part of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division, and I was Associate Head of this Division from October 2011 until September 2016, in charge of academic matters. I am currently the Tutor for Admissions at Queen’s, please find all information about admissions on our main website under the menu item Admissions.


At Queen’s I teach a range of topics to the undergraduate physics students, including electromagnetism and optics, thermal physics and condensed matter physics.


I am interested in the optical properties of materials, and have been working in the areas of nanotechnology , nanophotonics and quantum computing for the past 10 years. Full details of my research can be found at my departmental web page.


Some of my recent publications include: