Carbon Committee: Policy on Greenhouse Gases

The greatest long-term contribution of the College to helping with the problem of greenhouse gas production will be the academic work of its members, and subject to not hindering that work, the following policy on greenhouse gas production has been agreed to be adopted:

(i) That infrastructure be upgraded, so far as practicable, when it is favourable to do so with regard to greenhouse gas production, taking into account all greenhouse gas-related costs of any upgrade; and that significant, but proportionate and viable, resources be directed at this,

(ii) That the design of all new buildings and infrastructure include careful consideration of ‘cradle to grave’ greenhouse gas-related costs, and that these be minimised,

(iii) That the College employ a range of methods to promote awareness of the greenhouse gas-related costs of aspects of College life, in order to ensure that all individuals and groups make properly informed choices,

(iv) That, in order to foster translation of low-greenhouse gas practices in College to lifestyle choices outside the College environment, the College encourage rather than coerce, favouring long term persuasion and availability of choice,

(v) That the College take greenhouse gas-production into account in establishing working practices, including by minimising travel-related emissions,

(vi) That the College purchase low-greenhouse gas producing products where possible, and encourage their use where choices are available,

(vii) That, in cases of conflict between environmental sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction, the College normally favour greenhouse gas reduction until such time as the greenhouse gas content of the atmosphere be stabilised.