Fire and fire alarms

Fire alarms will be tested on a weekly basis in Main College and in all annexes. The days and times of these tests are as follows:

Main College               Tuesdays between 8.45 am and 9.00 am

Cardo Building             Fridays between 10.30 am and 11.00 am

Oxley-Wright               Thursdays between 10.00 am and 10.30 am

St Aldate’s House        Mondays between 2.00 pm and 2.15 pm  

Please note that every Tuesday at 9:00 am the Tesco store next door to St Aldate’s House test their fire alarms.

It is important to familiarise yourself with escape routes from the building when you arrive and watch the video on fire safety (below) before you arrive or shortly after you move in. There are smoke detectors in your room and in the corridors. The kitchens are equipped with heat alarms.

If the fire alarm sounds, you must evacuate quickly and safely to an outside area and away from the building line. Do not use the lift, or re-enter the building until a Fire Officer, Porter, Junior Dean, Fire Marshall, or Caretaker has informed you that it is safe to do so.