About me

Hi! I’m Eva, and I’m a third year studying English and French at Queen’s. I grew up in the Midlands (which, contrary to popular belief, does exist…) and I chose my degree because of a lifelong fascination with language and literature. I particularly love studying Shakespeare, queer and feminist French literature, and theatre!

College experience

My favourite thing about Queen’s, and something that I tell every prospective student, is that it’s the ideal size for an Oxford college. It isn’t a huge college where it’s difficult to know everyone in your year group, but it’s big enough that there are always lots of new and interesting people to talk to. In my incredibly non-biased opinion, I also think it’s the prettiest of all the colleges (walking into Front Quad never gets old, even on early winter mornings!). Although it’s very centrally located, it also feels like a calm oasis inside because visitors aren’t generally allowed into college – so there are always plenty of spaces to kick back with a good book or catch up with friends, particularly when the weather gets warmer.

Oxford life

As a humanities student, I have far fewer formal contact hours than STEM students, so most of my days are spent in the glorious Queen’s library. I try and get to the library first thing in the morning (unless I have a lecture or tutorial to attend), and spend my morning working on some reading for my next essay or some French language work. My friends and I always have lunch in Hall together. The food at Queen’s is lovely and very decently priced, and it’s a nice social way to break up the working day. After some more work in the library in the afternoon, I usually spend my evenings catching up with friends in the Beer Cellar, or attending a rehearsal. I’m very involved in the University drama scene, and Queen’s has a lot of wonderful music and drama on offer!

Advice for applicants

You DO deserve to be here! Oxford is a weird and wonderful place, filled with a huge array of different people. No matter who you are or where your academic interests lie, if you’re passionate about your subject, there’s a place for you here. Oh, and apply to Queen’s!