About me

I am a second year History Student at Queen’s from a small seaside town in Suffolk. When picking my degree, the biggest priority was choosing a subject I loved and have a real curiosity for investigating further. The course at Queen’s was everything I was looking for. It offered a great range of modules to pick from, covered the topics and periods of history that interested me, and allowed me to focus on sources that really have peaked my interest, namely art and fashion. Being able to experience all this choice whilst being taught in small group environments by experts in the field meant it was the perfect place to apply to.

College experience

I love the close-knit nature of Queen’s and the fact it’s community! The college system made starting uni much smoother and the settling in process a lot easier as all Queen’s members live in provided accommodation and on site in the first year so you rarely go a day without seeing anyone.

Oxford life

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a morning person… The nature of my degree means the majority of my work is independently led with around 2-5 contact hours with tutors a week discussing my week’s research. As a result, scheduling my time and creating a routine that works for me is a priority. I tend to start my working day at around 10am. Living out this year means I have a short relaxing walk into Queen’s to get a few hours of work in before college lunch.

My favourite place to work is the Queen’s new library. Its silent working environment and popularity with students means I can gain focus on the task in hand quicker than if I were to be in my room. After lunch, I often find friends to work with for the afternoon. I try to get the bulk of my reading, writing, or re-watching lectures done during this block of time. The afternoon is often broken up by a must-have coffee break! I then like to cook with friends in the Cardo kitchen in the evening (my favourite thing about living out this year) and attend any social events I may have – such as QCBC rowing, the Oxford fashion Society, or formal dinners.

Advice for applicants

Apply for a subject you have a real interest in. University is so independently driven so having something you are passionate about helps to drive motivation.