Purpose of the role

There are four Junior Deans in the College and they assist the Dean and the Tutor for Welfare in their duties  in order to foster a healthy and welcoming environment that enhances the College’s academic life. This includes dealing with emergencies, promoting the wellbeing of College junior members, and upholding the College regulations. Core duties are shared across all the College sites. To this end, the Junior Deans are guided in their activity and execution of the role by the Dean, but will also refer to the Tutor for Welfare and Welfare Officer for input on specific matters of welfare. They report to the Domestic Bursar for all employment matters.

DepartmentDecanal Team
Reports toThe Dean, and Domestic Bursar as the formal line manager
Coordination withStudents, the Tutor for Welfare and Welfare Officer, Domestic Bursar, Steward and Porters’ Lodge
LocationThe Queen’s College, Oxford